Consultancy Case Study


Objectives & Project Background

Our client, a B2C logistics provider, had recently purchased existing B2B and additional B2C businesses. In forming a new corporate identity, it was necessary to review many processes and systems to create the best environment for the new entity. Parkwell were engaged to assess options for payroll systems to a tight timescale.


Anticipated Benefits

Both legacy companies were using their original parent company payroll and HR systems to manager employees, temporary workers and self-employed couriers, and our client was obliged to extract their acquired payroll swiftly from this environment.


  • Parkwell helped to evaluate the options for payroll processing and provided project management when the recommendation was made to seek a payroll outsource company.
  • We utilised our standard selection methodology to identify an appropriate shortlist of three outsourced providers, and developed and issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) document.
  • We developed an evaluation model and criteria for our client to rate incoming proposals.
  • We arranged demonstrations and due diligence on the prospective providers, leading to the selection of one.
  • Parkwell subsequently project managed the transition to the new outsource provider.
  • We oversaw contract negotiations with the new outsource provider to provide payroll outsourcing services and also supply a new HR system to be hosted by the provider and administered by our client.


The deliverables were as follows:

  • High-level business requirements for the payrolls of the two entities.
  •  RFP document outlining our client’s future vision and requirements.
  • Migration of all acquired payroll to the new supplier systems within six months.
  • Implementation of the new HR system core modules, including testing and the development of a new interface for the system.
  • Build and implementation of a new expenses module, reimbursing expenses with payslip.

Project Conclusion

The project was completed on time and within budget, with the staff TUPEd successfully to the outsource provider.

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