Remuneration 2022 – Recent Industry Trends
Remuneration 2022- Recent Industry Trends

Thursday 24th March 2022

16:00- 17:00

Parkwell Offices: 8 Laurence Pountney Hill, London EC4R 0BE

Hosted by Parkwell Management Consultants and featuring data from Compeer’s latest remuneration survey, this seminar will provide a detailed summary of UK wealth industry salaries across key business functions. We will also be discussing the key HR and hiring challenges in a hybrid working world with a panel of industry leaders.

Compeer has run its remuneration survey of the UK wealth management industry twice yearly for over ten years and today it includes data from over 10,000 individuals, representing close to a third of the industry’s workforce.

During the webinar we will share the key industry trends arising from these surveys including:

  • Current remuneration packages across key front office roles
  • A comparison of London versus the UK Regions to analyse the impact of the London mark-up
  • Bonus as a percentage of basic salary – how it varies by department
  • Voluntary staff turnover percentages over the years
  • Gender pay gaps – in which roles is it most prevalent?
  • The rise of pension contributions and other key benefits offered

We will also include insight into recruitment and HR challenges currently being faced by the sector. The world of work is now, perhaps irrevocably, blended with the world of home. With the ongoing challenge of achieving the right work/life balance, employee engagement and talent management are key subjects for business leaders.


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