Effective Project Management

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Leading companies choose Parkwell for their Project Management courses to keep their staff at the forefront of management technique. 

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A 2 day intensive and practical course which will provide you with the essential skills to manage your projects to time, cost and quality and help you fulfil your business objectives.

- Establish clear objectives for your project
- Organise a project plan to anticipate and prevent setbacks
- Set project milestones to optimise your schedule
- Integrate financial and organisational considerations
- Develop structured project monitoring and reporting procedures
- Expand your interpersonal project management skills

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its had an immediate impact on team performanceWhat went wrong?
A significant number of projects fail to meet deadlines and budgets. Many do not even deliver the required benefits. These projects always display the same core problems such as:

- Poor project definition
- Lack of project ownership
- Badly defined project responsibilities
- Failure to understand the purpose of plans
- Ineffective project monitoring and reporting
- Failure to identify and mitigate project risks
- An inability to make timely decisions
- Lack of change control
- Over-optimism and unrealistic expectations

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hot air balloonAll of these problems are connected and must be avoided if your projects are to be successful. By the end of the course you will be able to:

1 Prepare project plans to a sufficient level of detail and apply a consistent approach to planning

2 Adopt a simple, disciplined approach to initiate, plan, monitor and control projects

3 Understand the level of project management to be applied to projects

4 Identify the risks inherent in projects

5 Track and report progress

6 Have an understanding of the reporting required if a project is to be managed by a third party, for example, an outside supplier

7 Understand the use of project controls, project issues, change control and quality control, and how they fit into the project management process

8 Recognise when projects are over-running or are failing to meet objectives

9 Formalise change control

hot air balloonThe course is intended to provide practical examples through the use of case studies and role plays. The use of project management tools, such as Microsoft Project, is also discussed. All delegates are provided with proforma documents and checklists which can be integrated with existing corporate standards.The delegates’ handouts will include a copy of all course material. The overall aim of the course is to provide delegates with an overview of the project planning, monitoring and controlling processes to be adopted for projects of any size.

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