Who doesn't have to negotiate? At work – with customers, suppliers, colleagues, managers and partners – and in your private life, negotiation is often part of everyday life. Negotiation is not only a skill, but also a strategic business leverage to generate value.

At the heart of our work

We are committed to providing managers, teams and companies with the most up-to-date tools and “best practices” in the strategic field of negotiation.
Our partners, Bridge Partners, specialize only in the art of negotiation skills! As the economy continues to go through difficult and uncertain times it is precisely in this rather challenging context, that profit-making depends on the success of tens of thousands of negotiations, which take place in offices every day. Our profits and margins depend on how much we manage to get out of our negotiations with our customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues and with anyone we encounter during talks around the negotiating table, which will have an impact on our available resources. Not only external negotiations, therefore, but also often in-house negotiations.
It appears obvious that:
- whatever savings or profits we generate from a negotiation will reflect in our budget results;
- relationships built on effective negotiations are the currency of tomorrow.
We insist on a rigorous, thorough approach in whatever we do, and aim to achieve measurable performance results.
Only what can be measured, can be improved. So we use a scientific, intentionally non-academic approach.
We firmly believe in building relationships on respect and trust. Our greatest commitment permeates our training and we are constantly trying to update and provide a top quality service, taking into account helpful suggestions from our customers and partners.
Our partners, Bridge Partners, have designed and devised a comprehensive course to help different professional figures develop their negotiating expertise. This course concentrates on the various, distinctive skills required.
To be a good negotiator you need to be able to communicate effectively, to handle the various phases and dynamics in the negotiation process, to have decisive techniques at your fingertips and to maintain control in any situation.

Advanced Training in Effective Negotiating Techniques is a practical course designed for managers with negotiating autonomy, who are responsible for budgets and/or a team of staff.

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