A system to measure the impact of the training
Companies allocate sizeable financial resources for managerial training every year. It is not a straightforward task to identify training needs for negotiation, and it is equally difficult to effectively measure the return on these investments in managerial training.
From this perspective, we have developed two tools which have proven to be extremely useful.
1. NegotiATE: an effective tool to assess negotiation skills

NegotiATE is a simple, yet effective tool, which provides companies with a structured process to evaluate negotiation skills and identify any gaps and training needs. This tool does not claim to be scientifically based, as it obviously measures a soft skill, but it provides a precious pointer in the evaluation of expertise and knowledge of negotiation skills. It can be used either before or after our Advanced Training in Effective Negotiation Techniques, or as an independent, autonomous assessment process. In the first case, it is a powerful supplement to measure the effectiveness of the training.
2. Participant post-training survey

Our partners, Bridge Partners
® have developed a system to measure the impact of its Advanced Training in Effective Negotiation Techniques on participants’ professional life. Two months after their classroom experience they are asked how they have used the tools they learnt. The survey data is updated and published every four months.
·         In a recent survey of participants, 96% specified they were able to apply what they had learnt immediately in the work place.

More than 60% of participants generated greater than £4,000 in 2 months after the training. This is equivalent to £24,000 per year.

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