Advanced Training

To implement the use of negotiation in work dynamics and, in a broader sense, in relationships for the purpose of:
- creating greater measurable value and profit
- optimising time management
- handling relationships better.
To acquire a practical method to measure, train and improve your own negotiating skills in order to implement them with third parties and share a common working language and approach within your own working environment.
To use practical exercises to give a detailed explanation of the typical, underlying structure of every negotiation and to identify the negotiation skills and techniques required for each phase of the negotiation process.
To acquire full understanding of how to handle the negotiation process in order to interpret, rationalise and train instinctive, talented and experiential behaviour to follow a structured method.
Who should attend?
Approximately 50% of participants in our  negotiation courses belong to Sales and Procurement, whereas the remainder come from other company departments (e.g. Industrial and Trade Union Relations, PR, Marketing, Product Development, R&D, Technical area, Administration, Management Control, Logistics, Human Resources, IT etc.).
Other frequent participants include lawyers, accountants, trade union representatives, representatives of authorities, journalists, press agents, brokers, company consultants, business intermediaries.
Candidates for the negotiation course are middle – executive managers, who have influential responsibilities for budgets and/or teams, and who have full autonomy within their own mandate to negotiate.
Course structures
This course is available either as an Open Course or as an in-house course.
The Open Course lasts 3 full days, whereas the preferable timetable for the in-house formula would be late afternoon initially, followed by two full days, finishing at 1.30 p.m. on the final day.

Open Course Formula: version open to no more than two participants from the same company and to no more than a total of 12 participants.
In-house Formula: version open to no more than 12 managers of the same company, coming from the same area or from different divisions and departments.

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