Management Consultancy

System Selection

Our approach is based on our own proprietary methodology, SELECT, which we use to identify requirements and assess software packages, their suppliers and implementation partners.

SELECT allows us to be objective in selecting the package, package supplier and implementation partner most closely able to match our client’s needs. SELECT works most effectively with the close involvement of client staff.

SELECT ensures that we gain a full understanding of the business and that the staff fully understand our approach and are able to buy in to the results of the exercise.

In overview, the methodology includes the following steps:

Definition of Requirements

  • Obtain an understanding of the client’s future business strategy / plans.
  • Produce a detailed user requirements specification, based on a standard template and working with the client’s management and staff at various levels.
  • Confirm the requirements by holding a series of workshops.
Identification of Potential Packages, Suppliers and Implementation Partners
  • Confirm the IT strategy and identify any constraints in respect of the choice of software.
  • Identify a list of software packages that have the potential to meet the requirements defined above.
  • Identify a list of potential implementation partners. It is not appropriate to approach implementation partners until closer to the choice of software vendor.
  • Prepare an invitation to tender / request for information and send it to the suppliers identified above together with the user requirements specifications. We have a standard template which we use as the starting point for the invitation to tender.

Evaluation of the Options

  • Agree on the detailed evaluation method. We have a method and a set of templates for performing this evaluation in an objective manner and we confirm with our clients that they have confidence in our approach.
  • Perform a preliminary evaluation on the responses from the software suppliers.
  • Produce a shortlist of suppliers.
  • Visit approximately three software suppliers to assess such areas as the functionality of the software, the flexibility of the supplier in respect of software modifications and the development of any interfaces, the quality of support and training to be provided by the supplier, the quality of the staff and the financial viability of the supplier. We have a structured approach to software supplier visits.
  • Take up several references for each short-listed software supplier to gain an objective profile of the supplier and their software and services. We have a structured approach for taking up references for software suppliers.
  • Carry out a two or three day ‘due diligence’ exercise with the final short-listed supplier.
  • If the purchasing decision is critical it may be necessary to conduct a pilot study.
  • Provide a report documenting how the final selection was made.
  • Review the supplier’s contracts from the commercial aspects only. The client’s solicitors should still conduct a legal review.
  • Assist in negotiating the price and the terms of the contract.

The Deliverables

  • A detailed user requirements specification.
  • An invitation to tender / request for information.
  • A list of potential software suppliers.
  • A full evaluation report outlining all stages of the process and a brief recommendation.
  • Our comments on the supplier contracts.