Management Consultancy

IT Strategy

Our own methodology, STRATEGY, helps us to develop IT strategy, with these stages:

Review the business plans and goals: The purpose of this stage is to gain an understanding of the business plans and goals and how information technology may be used to support those goals.

Review of the structure and skills of the IT function: This stage is an objective review of how IT fulfils the present and future needs of the business.

Review the existing applications, systems and services: This stage establishes an inventory of all applications and systems mapped against the functional needs of the business. This enables these systems to be evaluated relative to each other and that will establish a set of priorities for subsequent changes.

Review the existing IT services: This step is to identify all IT services to the business, covering such areas as service level agreements, service level assessments and service risk assessments.

Assessment of IT opportunities: This step identifies IT opportunities which may create new strategic or tactical options based on industry trends, the availability of new products and technology and IT budget constraints.

Identification of strategic opportunities: From the work performed above, we identify the options and make recommendations.

Development of the strategy plan: The options and recommendations will cover the following areas -

  • Technology
  • Applications
  • Structure and skill sets of the IT function
  • Methods and internal processes of the IT function
  • Alternative approaches, such as outsourcing
  • Discussion and agreement on the way forward
It is likely that the options and recommendations are discussed in a workshop environment. The results are documented in a report setting out clear recommendations for the next steps.
The objective of this approach is to ensure that:
  • All relevant members of the organisation’s staff are involved in the process and support the strategy.
  • The process is seen as independent and the strategy is not seen as being imposed by the IT function.
  • The strategy is comprehensive and ensures that all aspects of IT are considered.
The deliverables from this work are:
  • A document reviewing the existing IT function, with an inventory of systems, applications and external service providers.
  • A documented strategy for the IT function, in line with the business strategy.
  • A plan for proposed changes to the IT function.