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MiFID Services

MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is the successor to the existing Investment Services Directive. It will have a significant impact on regulated firms across Europe.

  • MiFID will affect most FSA regulated organisations.
  • You must be MiFID compliant by 1st November 2007.
  • The FSA consultation programme on key provisions is still ongoing. In some areas organisations are still unclear on the practical implications of implementing MiFID.
  • For most firms MiFID will have a high impact on budget and resource allocation in 2006 and 2007.
  • The impact of meeting MiFID requirements will vary from organisation to organisation.
  • Meeting the MiFID deadline will pose significant challenges.
  • Implementing MiFID may involve fundamental changes to the way in which you operate.
  • Time is running out – you need to act now!
Parkwell is helping clients ensure MiFID compliance:
We have recently been helping clients develop and implement their MiFID programmes. Some of the ways in which we can help you include:
MiFID Impact Analysis – Review of your business detailing the impact MiFID will have in each functional area. This will give you a complete picture of the changes required for your organisation. We will produce a detailed project plan to guide you through your MiFID programme.

MiFID Programme and Project Management –Employing our understanding of ‘MiFID impact areas’ we will work with you to deliver the MiFID change programme. 

  • Project management and governance of all project workstreams ensuring MiFID compliance.
  • Full processes mapping and analysis of impact across the business.
  • Planning of new process requirements.
  • Providing detailed MiFID updates tailored to each of your functional areas.
Training and Mentoring – Our MiFID training is suitable for all levels of staff impacted by MiFID. Our services include:
Mentoring senior staff responsible for running projects.

MiFID awareness training. Understanding the Implications of MiFID

  • Coaching project team members.
  • Chairing steering committees.
  • Performing quality assurance reviews.


If you are interested in discussing our MiFID services please contact Matthew Clark on 020 7648 4905 or