Management Consultancy

IT Health Check

Our ‘IT Health Check’ is designed to take a snapshot of the IT function and determine how it matches up against best practice and to identify which areas need improvement. The methodology includes the following steps:


At initiation we confirm the scope of the work, confirm the deliverables, agree the project governance and produce a project plan.

Review of the existing function

  • Understand the IT business plans and objectives:
    − Gain an understanding of existing IT strategy, objectives and plans.
    − Identify how closely the IT strategy aligns with the business strategy.
    − Understand how the IT department interfaces with the business.
  • Understand how the IT function is managed:
    − Review the IT organisation structure.
    − Review skills sets.
    − Review the IT budget.
  • Review of applications and systems:
    − Prepare an inventory of applications and systems.
    − Review the key applications and systems.
    − Ascertain how well the applications are aligned to the business.
  • Review of services provided to the business:
    − Review all services provided by IT to the business.
    − Evaluate the IT component of the business continuity plans.
    − Examine performance data.
  • Review of other areas:
    − Analyse the security policies.
    − Review the third party contracts.
The output for this stage is a report documenting the current IT operating model. The report will include: a skills matrix: a services inventory; an inventory of applications and systems; an inventory of contracts and
third party SLAs; details of current processes and procedures.


Once the current operating model report has been agreed we will conduct a gap analysis of the performance of the IT department against best practice, industry norms and competitor metrics.


We will deliver a report which will contain prioritised recommendations for improvements that should be actioned
to ensure that IT is delivering service that is appropriate for the needs of the business.


The deliverables from this work are:

  • Project initiation document.
  • Current operating model report.
  • Recommendations report.
  • A plan to deliver the recommendations.