Management Consultancy

Financial Services Operations Review

Parkwell’s Operations Review service is aimed at ensuring our financial servicesclients’ achieve cost effective, scaleable and efficient operations aligned to the needs of their business. 


The operations review will:

  • Ensure that operations become more efficient.
  • Help you to understand how well operations are performing compared to your competitors by providing an impartial analysis of performance against industrystandards and best practice.
  • Ensure operations are well placed to become more responsive to changes driven bythe business.
  • Make sure that operations are scaleable in line with the future needs of the business


The methodology includes the following steps:

Phase 1– Initiation:

We confirm the scope of the work, confirm the deliverables, agree the project governance and produce a project plan to ensure that the process will meet your requirements and will benefit your organisation.

Phase 2 – Review:

We will undertake a detailed review of the operations area of your business. We focus on the areas that are of greatest concern. This can range from the entire department to a single process flow. This stage ensures we understand your business processes and current position so we can identify the best wayforward.

Phase 3 – Assess:

This is the key to the approach and will identify the business and technical issuesand potential solutions. We have experience of numerous different financialservices organisations and have statistical data across a range of areas andprocesses that we can use to compare your performance. We understand what benefits can be achieved through use of technology and where processes can be improved.

We will identify where there are problems, how these can be solved and the advantages this will bring to the business as a whole.

Phase 4 – Report:

All findings are set out in a comprehensive report which will document in detail the existing status, the assessment of the issues and the recommendations to move forward. Wherever possible this will include financial estimates and will provide asolid basis for you to understand what is required and, most importantly, the benefits that can be realised from making the proposed changes. We will present thefindings to the senior management.

Phase 5 – Plan for next steps:

As part of the final report we include a plan for how the proposed changes could be implemented, and the estimated costs and timescales, enabling you to clearly see how the business benefits can be delivered.

Phase 6 – Closure:

At the end of the Operations Review we will seek acceptance and sign off from the sponsor. We will seek assurance that our plans meet the commercial needs of the business at an appropriate cost.


The deliverables from this work are:

  • Project initiation document.
  • Recommendations report.
  • A plan to deliver the recommendations.